About us

about us

We put the Zest in to Administration…

  • Origin of ‘Gestione Ministration’ introduced from Italian terminology; which means ‘Management Services’.
  • We provide solutions in the area of various Project Services; Design & Asset Management Software Solutions & many other professional challenges to achieve Business goals of multiple sectors Clients.
  • Gestione Ministration is a Private Limited Company founded by Bunch of Expertise Professionals in July 2012; with an average experience of 20 years.
  • Partnership & the Trust permits the Clientele from various sectors of businesses to engage us for their repeated projects.
  • We offer well Controlled, Governed, Cost Effective and Low Risk Solutions for all type of projects.

Key Objectives

  • Up-front certainty of Final Project Cost
  • Strictly adherence to Scheduled Project Timelines
  • Best-in-class processes, Documentation Standards, Gateway Approval Mechanisms, Real-time Dashboard Reporting, Stakeholder Management Systems, Quality Reviews, Risk-Tracking procedures
  • Performance oriented ‘Pre-qualification, Procurement & Contract Models’ which are Cost Effective, Safeguard Client’s Interest, Identify & Transfer/Mitigate of potential Risks
  • Target a Capital Investment at early stage & closely monitor it throughout Project duration.
  • Standard ‘Change Management’ processes in order to understand the full impact on commercial as well as schedule due to     on-site requirement / Client changes at ‘Decision-making’ stage
  • ‘De-risk’ by keeping Client’s interest on top Priority &  manage their retained risks
  • Safeguard Client’s interest & reputation at every stage of awarded Service

Approach & Methodology

Pie chart on a stock chart with a budget


  • Price the Project from the outset
  • Accommodate all possible Risks
  • Project exclusive Budget along with all Consideration / Risks Accommodated


  • Implement Best Practices /Strategies
  • Get the best Solutions / Value Engineering
  • Advise alternative Design Solutions

Freeze the Budget considering appropriate contingencies



  • Effective Process Controls
  • Timely communications on Developments / Changes
  • Efficient process to support Project Team
  • Work closely with Project Team
  • Project closure within contractual frame ensuring mitigation of all issues
  • Extended support even post completion of awarded scope of service
  • Intermediate ‘Customer Care’ sessions for complete Client Satisfaction